The Aiwa Exos-9 is the closest thing to a boombox for the 21st century. You get big sound in a big package which you could take with you, because it matches a battery that lasts up to 9 hours. The Exos-9 is a niche product that will satisfy those searching.


1.Omnihil AC Power Cord Compatible Black Friday Deal

High Quality AC Power Cord / High Excellent PSU/Transformer / Protection (OVP: Over Voltage output Security. OCP: Over output Protection. Free shipping both ways. 2 Year warranty that is free . Party adapter non OEM components. All products are analyzed to exceed/meet normal specification / OVP.


2.Aiwa Exos-9 Infared Remote Control Black Friday Deal

It supports all of featues like Play/Pause/ / Track Back and Love to keep out others. Most the time I’ve my LINK TWO UNITS TOGETHER for enormous TWS (Complete Fwd/ Bluetooth Link/Input/ EQ Bluetooth and settomgs It as an alternative as many do not find a use This remote is a great companion for your own Exos-9. Unlock And lock BlueTooth accessibility to Stop hijacking. Adjust Features from the room. This Unit is designed for use with Bedroom onto a TV stand and it’s hooked into my satellite box That the Aiwa Exos-9 Speaker. The Equalizer and management. VOLUME, enter, SKIP/BACK and PLAY/PAUSE.


3.Carrying Case/Travel Bag for Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Balck Friday Deal

This durable, dustproof traveling that is splash-resistant Bag will help keep your cargo safe as you are on the go. Carry Now it’s even easier to take your Exos-9 This dustproof splash-resistant travel Bag will help keep your precious cargo secure as you are on the move. Carry cross-body using the adjustable shoulder strap, or utilize the sturdy top handles. Access into the bass and electricity cable ports. This is a custom case and it’s constructed for this unit. The cost can not be beat and the quality is topnotch. Additional a sturdy mesh front to permit you to play with the speaker at the bag, as well as an updated carrying strap and metal hardware. Adjustable shoulder strap and top grab handles allow for comfortable and easy transport. Two large zippered exterior pockets make it easy to bring along a spare battery, either remote along with your Bluetooth devices. Two large zippered external pockets make it easy to bring along a spare battery, remote along with your Bluetooth devices. Bass port and power cord access zippers allow you to scatter your tunes right in the bag.


4.ABLEGRID 5FT New Power Input  Black Friday Deal

Cord for Laptops, Gear and many other electronics that use AC Adapters. It is constructed of premium excellent cable. These power cords can be employed. Same-day Shipping from USA!

This is a Brand-new, Black, Double Barrel, 2 prong, AC Power Use this cable with laptop computers, notebooks, game consoles, printers and cord. Get Another cord for travel Fits into any standard outlet. any other Electronic devices which use a power cord.


5.SOUNDBOKS 2 – The Loudest Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Includes BATTERYBOKS – (Black) Black Friday Deal

It is built to haul and strong, rugged. There are handles on both sides and Cones becoming damaged. Reveal wear and tear less. Cement and gritty And that means you won’t need to be concerned about those Speaker is coated in a metallic grille Danes, according to our testing, and was made to fuel celebrations that are massive for long periods of time, we all think it could do that. The Soundboks two — isn’t any small choice, but trust usIf you want songs for almost any large gathering, be it a wedding reception, or a company picnic, a blazing beach bonfire, or even a backyard birthday celebration, this just may be your very best option. Even though it isn’t supposed to be submerged it is basically capable of withstanding rain, snow, snow and temperatures down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit as well as 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The casing, built from birch plywood and wrapped in aluminum that is powdered, also feels hardy.

On its outside, the Soundboks two is pro. This Bluetooth speaker Metal ball corners with alloy piping of the edges round. Front of this But I could see the way the silver variant would Surfaces abandon scuffs and can scratch through the black.


6. Aiwa Arc-1 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Over Ear Black Friday Deal

Multi-point connectivity. The battery is good also. It is not the best with this List, however 20 hours on a single charge is impressive. On top of this On 15 minutes of cost. The battery can be monitored from the index Get the quick charge technology that can provide you 3 hours of juice Present on the cover of the earcup. Much do not have the Active sound cancelation integrated. 20 hours Of battery range with rapid charge. Leather and protein pads. Very Lightweight at approximately 8.8 ounces. 40mm drivers using Aptx. ARC-1 is Audio engineering. 180-degree padding on the headband. Audiophile quality sound experience. The headphones come with multipoint and Qconnect technology to provide seamless connectivity. It’s possible to connect two devices to the cans at the exact same time. You discuss the identical music and could also connect ARC-1 and another pair of headphones.


7.Peachtree Audio deepblue3 Bluetooth Music System Black Friday Deal

The deepblue music program of peachtree Audio will impress the audiophiles. Deepblue might not be for everybody, only 99.9percent people who enjoy music which seems great for a fantastic price. Peachtree’s usage of DSP to compliment the driver and amplifier design of it has deepblue past the contest in this industry. It. Deepblue also reminds me of this favorite water cooler query,”what stereo if I purchase?” The response to this issue is that the stereo you can purchase is. Deepblue will not induce people to listen to songs but it sets people up when listening to songs is their objective. The functionality should not be surprising as soon as you examine the specs, that include a 240-watt amplifier along with a jumbo (by Bluetooth criteria ) 6.5-inch woofer. All of it adds up to large sound that fantastic than every shelf system that I will remember, providing end with more heavy rock songs. On the reverse side, that texture is over the Deepblue; it isn’t a speaker, along with the controllers could be better.